Friday, November 5, 2010


It has been interesting lately. I have done more work on the guitar, but it is mostly sanding on the body to flatten the binding. Now I am in the process of sanding and shaping the neck. As soon as things change enough to notice, I will post some pics.

The robot project came to an abrupt halt. In removing the connections of the stepper motor so that I could solder new connectors on, which would fit my board much better, one of the wires came loose out of the stepper motor. This rendered the motor useless, so I tossed it. I didn't worry too much about it since I had just finished junking out a fax machine and found two stepper motors in it. However, after closer look, the stepper motors were 24 volts instead of 12 volts. So, as soon as I acquire a 12 volt, 5 wire stepper motor, I'm kind of at a stand still. I was very tempted to purchase a couple of them from Jameco, but I saving my money for a badly need oscilloscope for my transmitter projects. So in the mean time, I will probably redo the Robot Recipe sections and start from scratch. I'll take better note to help you get through some of the pit falls I found.
There will be updates on that soon. Keep watching!

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